art appreciation

moving into a new place (something i’ve done too much in the past few years) always gets my adrenaline going and pumps my brain full of ideas on how to decorate it. the furthest i have ever taken any of these ideas was spending $200 on assorted frames for a gallery wall that has taken 3 years and 3 apartments to happen…

other than that, my apartment is full of furniture i like to consider place holders until i can shop with cortney novogratz at abc carpet for amethyst colored velvet tufted ottomans and antique crystal chandeliers that i’ll hang over my restored claw foot tub in the guest bathroom (please never, ever ask me how i might decorate my future home because i will pull out a mood board and maybe blue prints of my future renovated 1920’s beach bungalow/lofty pre-war wooster street apartment, and you will most likely feel the same trapped boredom max feels every time i have pinterest and zillow simultaneously open on my computer).

anyway, i digress. the point i’m trying to make is now i have about 48 different picture frames that need to be filled, so here are some pieces of art i would dream to hang on my wall:


andrea mary marshall’s mixed media vogue covers are the coolest things i’ve ever seen, so i’d like two, please. and i truly think that if i could make eye contact with cartoon grace jones everyday, my life would just naturally progress in the best direction imaginable.

jamie derringer

jamie derringer just makes really lovely prints (my art history teacher would hate me for not thoroughly explaining what i like about this art but i mean…)


my minimalist line drawing obsession continues, this time featuring 2 of my favorite colors (by ed hodgkinson)


what do you guys think? i think i should splurge on at least 1 or 12 for the sake of follow through… yeah. that’s why.

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  1. Loving all of this. You should always splurge on a piece (or 12) that moves you. Art is so much about this. Abstracts especially are so very personal. Don’t ask. Do it! ~ C

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