get in my house no.1

one of my short-term goals while living in new york was to acquire an apartment big enough to fit a beautiful brass bar cart (for the sole purpose of hosting a mad men premiere cocktail party). unfortunately, that goal did not exactly pan out BUT, now that i am in st. petersburg (a.k.a land of the plentiful and cheap space), my bar cart dreams have become reality and i have since aquired said bar cart. however, living in new york has turned me into an extreme minimalist, and a frugal one at that. currently, my sparse and sad bar cart only has a half empty (#pessimist) bottle of bombay sapphire, a bottle of caribbean rum (a puppy-sitting gift), a bottle of lagavulin 16 (a christmas present from me to my husband) and a collection copper mugs stolen from various bars where i enjoyed gin gin mules (delicious).

so, since i now have the space and discretionary income, i’ve created an inspiration board for what with i will adorn my bar cart. thank you pinterest once again, for both inspiring me and also for inducing guilt over not already owning these items.


get in my house-bar cart

1. the bar cart – brass & wood bar from target’s threshold collection (which i am so in love with)

2. gold & glass shaker from anthropologie, because i needed at least one functional bar cart piece, and this one is really pretty.

3. i am just head over heels for these gold leaf agate coasters from calypso st barth, but unfortunately the link is dead so here are some similars from rablabs @ shopbop.

4. a bottle of lagavulin 16, for me because it’s pretty and amber, for my husband because it’s “delicious” and what ron swanson drinks.

5. these golden doff glasses from c wonder come in sets of 4 of the same glass, but this is my dream bar cart so i can do what i want.

6. i’m experiencing an age of enlightenment, if you will, in regards to crystal… things. these quartz wine stoppers from brooklyn thread (one of my favorite accessory shops) are actually the best thing i’ve ever seen. i’m thinking of starting a philosophical movement behind them.

7. not sure why, but as of late i have been really digging animals skulls in home decor? my mom is concerned, my dad is excited, i’m confused. at least this one is pretty and partially covered in 14k gold. thank you, golden coyote, for your sacrifice. from beetle and flor.

8. not sure why, but one of the first things that came to my mind when brainstorming what to put on my dream bar cart was “golden pineapple”. so, here one is, from hrhome. i stand behind my initial suspicion, apparently pinterest agrees with me.

9. i am enamored with both minimalist line drawings and thin gold frames, so i would happily perch this jo ann belson drawing from one kings lane atop my bar cart. probably near the golden pineapple.

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  1. I too am a lover of all things bar cart! I am in the process of polishing my own and being much more selective on the items I choose. *raises a gold chevron scotch glass* to your bar cart and the dreams you have for it!

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