serge & jane

i spent the first part of this lazy sunday watching julie delpy¬†scream french obscenities at her family in new york, i love you (a movie i have seen more times that i really should have considering i’m not that crazy about it) crying, because why. WHY can’t i express my emotions in fluent french? i think my greatest wish, and my ultimate life goal (aside from max and i mirroring the life of ina & jeffry garten) would be to re-learn french as my first language, then pick up english as a second language so i could have an incredible french accent no matter what i was doing or saying. if a minor brain transplant has to be done, then so be it. i’m hoping science catches up with my goals. anyway, this daydream really rallied the obnoxious francophile in me, so obviously a post dedicated to the greatest french couple ever existed was in order. let us bow our heads in the presence of serge gainsbourg & jane birkin, greatness that we could never even hope to surmount to during our plebeian¬†american lives:

serge and jane1_fig and jane serge and jane2_fig and jane serge and jane3_fig and jane serge and jane4_fig and jane serge and jane5_fig and jane serge and jane6_fig and jane

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