get in my house no.3

well, it has been a battle. every day, an internal battle rages on between good christina, who cries “update your blog! pick up some freelance projects!! my god do anything but chug wine and leave bitchy comments on ohnotheydidnt!!” and bad christina, who let’s out a victorious cackle as she gulps whatever under $10, over 14% alc by volume red wine she found that week at the grocery store. and i’ll have you know, she is probably toggling between the sims AND ohnotheydidnt. she’s really good at coming up with excuses for why she doesn’t want to do these things that will better her life and soul. ~*she’s just not inspired okay it’s called artistic temperament look it up*~ but i don’t know i guess good christina has figured her shit out because she just got bad christina to not only go to the gym directly from work, but to also turn her lack of inspiration into a gd blog post.

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okay now that i am all done convincing everyone i might potentially have a personality disorder, here’s my point – max and i have recently bought a pretty shiny white lacquer desk from ikea for our giant monitor he convinced me we had to have even though i think he’s used it maybe 3 times so far. i really want to make that desk more… inviting? like i want to actually feel compelled to sit at it and do shit! so, i spearheaded operation decorate this desk by putting my surviving succulents atop it, causing great annoyance to max so we might have a chicken or the egg situation on our hands. nonetheless, what a great reason to blog! so here’s a bunch of lovely work station ideas i’d like to share to invoke inspiration within my soul to get shit done!:

get in my house no 3

one: geo mousepad from anthro // two: what time is it? no idea by society 6 // three: copper magazine tidy from anthro // four: completely unnecessary rose gold stapler is some how simultaneously very necessary // five: said  conflicting succulent, but in a very cute pot // six: this is a very good lamp by fog & morup // seven: exactly what i said when contemplating buying this print by alphonnsine // eight: i would get so much done if everything i did was from this yummy leather chair

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