ikea PS collection 2014

as mentioned in my previous post, i am ready to move. true to my sagittarius nature, this occurrence usually happens after living in one space for more than 6 months. it’s always been this way, no matter where i’ve lived (pre adult income, while living with my parents, this desire manifested itself in the form of forcing my mom to let me paint my room a different color. my childhood bedroom is about 16 square feet smaller now than when we first moved in). so there has never been a more perfect a time for the stylin’ ikea PS collection for 2014 to be released. now i can truly take my relocation plans to the next level (because creating a floor plan organizer in photoshop of an apartment that will be long off the market once i actually do move isn’t next level enough for me) here is a little dream board of collection pieces i want mixed with other things i like:

get in my house-ikea ps 2014

2. pinched & glazed planter from leif // 4. house of rym throw

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