freaks + sneaks

from the start of our relationship, max and i have formed a terrible habit of secluding ourselves from the rest of society. it’s both of our faults, we are very easily persuaded by each other (and ourselves) to just stay in on the weekends, order thai, and cuddle on the couch, drinking beer & binge watching mad men on netflix (occasionally, for the second or third time). this habit becomes an actual issue from the months of october-april, because it’s too fucking cold to leave the apartment, the sky is grey, my soul is grey, this is where our SAD lamp is, and internet. during this hibernation period, we basically morph into one strange conglomerate of personalities and opinions. gender norms are nonexistent, marital roles get confusing because we don’t know what other people are. come april, when we are ready to join the world and see our friends (if they still remember us), i find myself styling my outfits after what max is wearing. in the mess of reclusive conglomeration forming, he becomes my style inspiration. we both step out in cuffed chinos, new balance sneaks, and v-neck pull overs, looking like a beautiful gay couple. i really do love menswear on women, and though it doesn’t completely work for me, it looks bad ass on so many fine ladies. especially when combined with a great pair of nikes, as seen below:















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  1. omg justin and i were literally just talking about how we are socially awkward now bc we never leave the house lol. I love all the nikes!

    • lmao i’m glad we’re not alone! it’s even worse when you’re isolated from your fam like we were in NY, we really had no reason to socialize with anyone except co-workers.

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