currently obsessed no.3

during this internal examination that i have been experiencing since my most recent birthday, i have assigned myself a multitude of varying personality traits (not sure if that’s how it works, but it feels right in my head) i’ve decided one of my most standout traits will be my minimalist approach to life/my wardrobe/my apartment. i started this by visually tagging a good amount of shit in my home for extermination during my next purge (tbd). so of course, this has got me thinking about starting over with a clean slate, and only owning the essentials. i pinned said essentials, and then made a board. like i said, it feels right:

currently obsessed no.3

1. silk tibi top for when my soulcycle arms kick in // 2. i am a person with a face and a vagina, so obviously i want to own a vintage hermes kelly bag // 3. i do love a big comfy pullover la garconne moderne // 4. lizzie fortunate wire gemstone cuff because god gave me the sense of sight // 5. karen walker anytime sunnies in tortoise // 6. merlot + ink kaleidoscope scarf by inks + thread. those are fun words // 7. black acne slip-ons be mine // 8. zinke botanical bra for pretty boobies

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