flowers for my life

i know i have brought up my “quarter-life crisis” at least 6 different times since starting my blog, but truly, turning 25 freaked me the hell out. in fact, it was the catalyst i really needed to actually make my blog a real thing and not just some idea i’d hopelessly throw out every time i came home from a bad day at work (“maybe i’ll just start a blog!!11!”). as therapeutic as this creative outlet has been for me, i still deal with that day-to-day question of just what the hell am i doing with my life? i am the type of person who spends about 20 minutes brainstorming the first good life plan that comes to mind, and then the better part of a year fiercely trying to execute said idea. a few melt downs later, after it doesn’t materialize instantly, i finally realize maybe this idea i’ve already dedicated so much time to isn’t right for me, maybe i need to go back to the ol’ drawing board, think of a new way i can hone all of my crazy ideas into something someone would actually pay me for. since moving to new york, i have had more than my fair share of these viscous cycles, each one ending a little more dramatically than the first (sorry max). i’m absolutely not trying to turn this blog into anything personal beyond “i love this bag, this apartment, this flawlessly etherial actual icon of a woman”, but sometimes my mini post-quarter century crisis fits are the driving force behind ideas for my blog posts. for example, yesterday i woke up with the brilliant idea of becoming a florist. i even made a pinterest board for all of my favorite arrangements. then i thought, “wow, that’d be a great post for the blog!” so, here it is- pretty flowers with a hint of crazy:

fig and jane floral 1

fig and jane floral 2

fig and jane floral 3

fig and jane floral 4

fig and jane floral 5

fig and jane floral 6

fig and jane floral 7

fig and jane floral 8

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