get in my house – no. 2

something has gone terribly wrong in my bedroom. for some reason, i never followed through on my attempt to make it a cozy cloud-like, yet colorful bohemian oasis. i blame it on the 42% complete paint project that is currently shrouding my dreams. a giant test stripe of benjamin moore’s “whispering spring” is slashed above my bed (where a headboard should be), some walls are painted complete in this color, but with trims are unfinished, some walls only have trims painted (don’t ask me how that happened) and all the while, that awful bright blue painters tape hangs from the window frame, taunting me every day. it’s really a nightmare. for reasons unknown, this is how it has stayed for about 4 months now. i have never been one to start a home project without seeing it through, usually within the same day (i never pulled all nighters in college, stocking them up for the first week i move into any apartment. i have about 4 left in me).

anyway, i have been given some extra time the next couple of weeks (thank you sweet mother of the lord), so my intentions are to at the very least, finish the paint, situate my weird bed, and maybe even start my headboard project? just typing that out, i had a mini anxiety attack. so the obvious course of action is to outlet my frustrations into online shopping. here are things that make me feel good about the direction my incomplete bedroom is headed. maybe i will buy a few of them…

get in my house-bedroom

1. love this goldenrod + mint chair // 2. for my succulents (hehe) // 3. bright vintage quilt throw // 4. i hope labradorite brings luck or something because it’s all i ever want // 5. raw alabaster lamp is the name of my next smut novel // 6. this one king’s lane pillow is handcrafted from vintage overdid area rugs so just give up on your life // 7. give me this hand painted antler from terrain like yesterday // 8.  mid-century modern nightstand from west elm because peggy olson

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