interior envy – isabel wilson's williamsburg loft

part of the quarter-life-crisis i experienced this past december was catapulted by the fact that i am so sick of tired of renting a place, yet not in any way shape or form ready (financially and emotionally) to purchase a home. so obviously, while nestled in this sweet spot of confusion and anxiety, i have been perusing the homes of others who are obviously more stable in life than i. of course, my ideal home is an open, lofty apartment in NYC (preferably on mercer or wooster street, possibly my favorite manhattan blocks). so when i saw this tour on freunde von freunden of textile designer isabel wilson’s williamsburg apartment, i had to share it. seriously, why isn’t your life my life, textile designer isabel wilson of williamsburg? and how do you manage to keep house plants alive in cold, dark, house plant hating new york? whatever, look at her beautiful space below and join me in jealousy:






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