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not to speak in cliché water-cooler aphorisms, but coming back from vacation is some bull shit. max and i spent 4 amazing days in vermont visiting his lovely family on lake champlain, and upon our arrival in FL i realized i am just not here at all for anything in the general vicinity of my home life (save for my mom of course! hi mom!) it’s so tough to face our 100+ degree reality when we spent half a week literally frolicking in a meadow. but for what it’s worth my soul is soothed and i am feeling plenty relaxed from our maple syrup drenched extended weekend spent almost exclusively around a campfire (my hair still smells like smoke which i’ve learned to accept). i can’t wait until the next round!

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art appreciation – for my walls

remember when i talked about the disaster zone that is my unfinished bedroom? well, for some inexplicable reason (i’m leaning towards possession by the spirits of the property brother’s marathon i subjected myself and max to this past week), we decided to tackle this project this weekend – painting the other half of the bedroom…

art appreciation

moving into a new place (something i’ve done too much in the past few years) always gets my adrenaline going and pumps my brain full of ideas on how to decorate it. the furthest i have ever taken any of these ideas was spending $200 on assorted frames for a gallery wall that has taken…