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ILNY – The Apartment by The Line

To kick off my I LOVE NY series covering my favorite places, spaces, people, things, feelings, bagels etc of my favorite city, I thought I would feature a place I’ve never actually been but have been dying to see. The Apartment by The Line checks every single box on my “holy shit i’m sickeningly obsessed” list with a fury – it’s a retail space, but more importantly, in a completely furnished true to form light and airy cast-iron Soho loft, on GREENE STREET (which, after Mercer, is my absolute favorite NYC block) and everything is for sale. It’s furnished in that super cool but like totally laid back and effortlessly amazing minimalist, mid-century modern, influenced by a Nordic country of your choice, all white everything style that I can hardly even curate a Pinterest board to match. And even better, if you’re anything like me, and a $4,000 Organic Resin Cube is out of your credit line, you can always attend one of their workshops, screenings, or dinners hosted in The Apartment.

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Ugh. The drooling is not subsiding.

Photo Credit: April and May, The Line