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haven's kitchen | nyc

max and i are planning for our “reunited and it feels so good” trip back to new york in april, the first time visiting since we moved last fall. we both have been feeling really home sick for the city, so of course the feverish planning that has been taking place has helped with that. we were going over a plan of action on how we’re going to fit in a stop to all of our favorite coffee spots/restaurants, neighborhood by neighborhood (a pictorial map may or may not have been created) when i remembered haven’s kitchen in chelsea. i feel a little more attached to this spot than max, i think, because it’s where i would stop in for an iced coffee every day on my way to visit his office during his lunch. haven’s kitchen is beautifully decorated, more like the chic b-side of jenna lyon’s brownstone than a coffee shop/cafe/cooking school (because those have such a distinct appearance i guess). it’s definitely one of my favorite little parts of new york. can’t wait to pop in for an iced coffee and completely unnecessary sea salt chocolate cookie!