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this weekend – french & lazy

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i’ve been feeling nostalgic for all the great places i’ve visited (blame it on the treacherous blend of being a millennial who just turned 25 and my flighty sagittariun nature) so i spent my friday looking through pictures from my trip to paris this past july. would it be really cliche and vapid of me to pine on about how badly i want to live in paris and do nothing but learn french, drown myself in espresso and gain an obscene amount of weight via croissant (which i just pronounced french as fuck in my head)? oui? bon.

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this weekend

  this weekend – my only plan for the weekend was to soak in all of this glorious vitamin d saint pete has been kind enough to bless us with. our apartment has an incredible roof deck, close enough to the water to catch that lovely ocean breeze so you don’t bake to death in…

this weekend

this weekend – max and i spent most of our extended weekend outside, enjoying this amazing saint pete weather. it’s times like these my heart aches a lot less for new york – i definitely am not missing the up to my knees grey toxic slush (it is so hard to believe that radioactive looking…