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design luv – loopy lettering

i’m home sick today, which means i’ve barely moved from the indent in my couch shaped exactly like my body (we are currently in the market for a new couch because of said indent), and the reason i’m on the fast track to bed sores is because i have been locked in a technology loop. my technology loops are typically 80% pinterest, 10% instagram and 10% chatting with my mom on chat. today’s pinterest themed technology loop is brought to you (me) by my current obsession with loopy/free form lettering. so fun! so whimsical! i really need to learn calligraphy or something.

technology loop - 'C'est la vie'

technology loop - 'everything is amazing'

technology loop - Lettering vs Fonts

technology loop - 'Fuck this shit'

technology loop - 'Thou shall not take shit'

admittedly, when first re-pinning this poster i thought it said “talk shit get hit” (i have a form of dyslexia where i assume a word or phrase before actually reading more than 2 letters in) i cannot explain the reasoning behind being so intent on pinning what i’m sure is the official slogan of the bad girls club…


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