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home envy – west village town house

Owning and decorating a town home in the West Village is one of the larger milestone goals of my ultimate aspiration to have my existence mirror the life of Ina Garten (modified to keep me out of the Hampton’s). This truly spectacular home is an ideal match to my real estate desires. It’s so open and light and clean and warm at the same time, and I am really digging the pops of yellow/gold throughout. Plus, one of my actual medically diagnosed weaknesses is white subway tiles with dark grey grout, and that beautiful look is featured not only in the bathroom, but the gd kitchen as well. Consider this appreciation post a little message to the universe that I’m ready to accept whatever pay day necessary to allow me to achieve this goal thanks soooo much!

WV townhome_figandjane WV townhome_figandjane1 WV townhome_figandjane2 WV townhome_figandjane3 WV townhome_figandjane4 WV townhome_figandjane5 WV townhome_figandjane6 WV townhome_figandjane7

Photos from Sugar and Charm via Brittany Ambridge

interior envy – isabel wilson's williamsburg loft

part of the quarter-life-crisis i experienced this past december was catapulted by the fact that i am so sick of tired of renting a place, yet not in any way shape or form ready (financially and emotionally) to purchase a home. so obviously, while nestled in this sweet spot of confusion and anxiety, i have…

interior envy

 in one of my past lives, i was most certainly an interior designer. a very rich, very well connected interior designer. probably one who actually didn’t need to have a real career because my husband was a wealthy investment banker and i really just needed a hobby and all of my friends southampton homes needed…