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inspired as hell



I’m going to go ahead and blame Saturn going retrograde in my sign for the amount of time I have spent branding and re-branding myself/my blog. Every time I think I’ve created the perfect look and feel, some pin comes across my dash exemplifying the opposite, causing me to re-evaluate everything I’ve ever loved. It’s been driving me crazy how indecisive I’ve been throughout this entire process. So, I allowed myself some time with my thoughts (which was terrifying) and organized all of my inspiration pieces. I really truly dig what I landed on, so hopefully future Christina doesn’t fuck that all up 6 months from now after seeing some random Italian illustrator’s portfolio causing her to overhaul the entire thing (based on true events).

Expect a slight re-design coming your way soon!


Part of my extended hiatus involved a incredibly cool/soul nourishing/heart chakra rooting trip to Iceland, a place my weird little Sagittarian heart has been wanting to go ever since I saw that one cool picture of that isolated house on a hill in what I now understand to be the Fjords. However, the part of…

flowers for my life

i know i have brought up my “quarter-life crisis” at least 6 different times since starting my blog, but truly, turning 25 freaked me the hell out. in fact, it was the catalyst i really needed to actually make my blog a real thing and not just some idea i’d hopelessly throw out every time…

oh, hello.

welcome to fig + jane a rambling space (albeit, a pretty one) for the dreamy, flighty, over-active brain of a mid-twenties fashion industry professional, true to form sagittarius, love struck wife, eternal new yorker, reverent lover of pretty things, and all around inspired individual. join me as i design, fawn, work, travel, cook, dream, use…