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come on mercury

mercury retrogradeMercury has notoriously wrecked all kinds of shit in my life, both literally and figuratively, whenever that shitty little planet goes retrograde. As a rule of thumb, and because I learn lessons so well, I always come prepared for these annoying periods of the year. Here are some tips from a seasoned victim of the MR that you can easily apply to your life to make shit easier and preventing you from wanting to kill everyone around you:

Making a big purchase? Don’t. But if you have to, make sure it is insured, or at least make sure you have flexibility on return. And definitely be sure to keep all receipts. Don’t just shove them in your purse aka another dimensions not yet discovered by science, keep them where you can easily find them!

Traveling somewhere? Don’t. But if you totally must, have extra copies of your passport/ID/tickets etc everywhere. Give copies to your friends and family incase MR decides to Laura Palmer’s you (currently binging Twin Peaks so…)

Signing a contract for a new job? Don’t. But if you absolutely just have no choice, read and re-read all of the fine print. Be aware and open enough to accept that things might change, the job might not be what it seemed, or it could really be NBD and you just have to re-sign shit because Sabrina in HR sucks at her job.

Submitting a huge important project? Ok cool. As long as you check, double-check, and quadruple-check every single thing, and then have an entirely separate person do the same, you should be OK! But again, know that Mercury is a bitch and you could get some kind of push back you might not have expected. But it’s cool because you were prepared for that so who’s the bitch now, Mercury?

Of course, shitty things happening are not mutually exclusive to Mercury going retrograde. But it sure as hell doesn’t hurt to be aware, prepared, and accepting during this particular influence! Good luck!

hello, my friends, hello

After a kind of really long unexpected hiatus, I’m back again! I took a step away from my blog because I became obsessed with the idea of reassessing/revamping/redesigning/relooking/reconfiguring my blog/life/soul and that just launched me into a re spiral during which I was actually very productive and amazing. I played with watercolors, practiced hand lettering…

currently obsessed no.5

  1. i don’t care if round sunglasses aren’t “my thing” // karen walker 2. aptly named easy short // steven alan 3. brass pendant // another feather 4. forever wanting a gold cuff // jules smith 5. the fact that it is possible for a person to smell like a diptyque candle is why i…

dimes nyc

dimes is easily one of my favorite places in NYC. they make amazing salads, there are little potted succulents and funky LA-esque trinkets everywhere you look, and the brains behind the chinatown eatery are two bad ass ladies who make their own damn organic lip balm. pretty sure the same description could be applied to…

be my house

well, mercury is in fucking retrograde (as the print max made me for our gallery wall says. he knows me so well) signifying a time of the year that everything goes to shit all at once, and i want to run away and hibernate until it ends. if you need me, you can find me…

serge & jane

i spent the first part of this lazy sunday watching julie delpy scream french obscenities at her family in new york, i love you (a movie i have seen more times that i really should have considering i’m not that crazy about it) crying, because why. WHY can’t i express my emotions in fluent french? i…

unique new york

i have neglected my blog, but i promise i have good reason. kind of. max and i just got back from spending 8 days in new york, our first visit after moving away last fall, and i have fallen back in love all over again. unfortunately, i am that girl. the one who finally broke…