Part of my extended hiatus involved a incredibly cool/soul nourishing/heart chakra rooting trip to Iceland, a place my weird little Sagittarian heart has been wanting to go ever since I saw that one cool picture of that isolated house on a hill in what I now understand to be the Fjords.


iceland1_fig and jane iceland2_fig and jane iceland3_fig and jane

figandjane_iceland14However, the part of Iceland we visited (Reykjavik, pronounced Rake-Ya-Vik btw) was at least 100x more populated than what that photo suggests of all of Iceland to be (or maybe that was just my assumption). It was seriously such a cool city, like Nordic Brooklyn. Max and I went without any big plans, save for the Blue Lagoon, and spent most of our trip just walking around, exploring, crying when we turned random corners to see incredible mountain views, not eating smelly pickled shark, finally understanding Bjork etc.

Reykjavikian’s are probably the coolest people on earth, like that effortless cool that makes you trip over yourself in an effort to impress them, and since they’re super nice, they will appreciate your efforts and politely converse with you in better English than you, in your bewildered state, are able to produce.

figandjane_iceland13iceland4_fig and jane iceland5_fig and jane iceland6_fig and jane

I can’t quite pick a trip highlight, as every day at least 7 cool and unique experiences were had. We did eat an incredible, extravagant 12 course meal at Dill, one of the top rated restaurants in Reykavik/Iceland/the Nordic countries/my life. A real “treat yo’ self” meal that we decided would count as my birthday present once we were able to translate the bill. It was worth every bite of that sweet, sweet salted cod with parsley and onion cream puree *insert manicure emoji here*

iceland7_fig and jane iceland8_fig and jane iceland9_fig and jane iceland10_fig and jane

We stayed at Loft Hostel, which had no loft and was only half hostel, the rest private rooms. Obviously since Max and I are an old retired couple from Boca, we chose the private rooms, which were perfectly comfortable/cozy and at a great price. The ho(s)tel itself was occupied by mostly people of our age (physical age, not retired from boca age) and we actually met and spoke with some of them in the hotels common area which doubled as a  cute/cool Reykjavik bar/cafe. Like… I was actually compelled to chat up strangers and see where they were from. Iceland, man. We’re already planning our summer trip, I cannot wait to go back!

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currently obsessed no.6

currently obsessed no.6

1 mansur gavriel backpack  // 2 need supply co. phoebe scarf // 3 larsson & jennings watch that would truly certify me to participate in the makings of a drake video  // 4 rag & bone driscoll boot  // 5 just let me know when you have time blocked off to discuss these venus fly trap earrings, it could take a while // 6 FRENDS taylor headphones pls don’t talk to me when i’m wearing these unless it’s to discuss aforementioned venus fly trap earrings thank you? // 7 like how legit would i be if i fucking rode the fuck up on this marble ass scoulland & playtype skateboard like don’t even step to me tbh or i will be forced to ollie you and your entire family // 8 black crane quilt coat

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hello, my friends, hello


After a kind of really long unexpected hiatus, I’m back again! I took a step away from my blog because I became obsessed with the idea of reassessing/revamping/redesigning/relooking/reconfiguring my blog/life/soul and that just launched me into a re spiral during which I was actually very productive and amazing. I played with watercolors, practiced hand lettering and calligraphy, completed and launched my digital portfolio that had been collected dust for an embarrassing amount of time, and traveled to Iceland! Plus, there are some big changes for Max and I on the horizon… some shit I will be touching on in the coming posts. ANYWAY, missed you bbs! Here’s the new(ish) fig + jane!


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not to speak in cliché water-cooler aphorisms, but coming back from vacation is some bull shit. max and i spent 4 amazing days in vermont visiting his lovely family on lake champlain, and upon our arrival in FL i realized i am just not here at all for anything in the general vicinity of my home life (save for my mom of course! hi mom!) it’s so tough to face our 100+ degree reality when we spent half a week literally frolicking in a meadow. but for what it’s worth my soul is soothed and i am feeling plenty relaxed from our maple syrup drenched extended weekend spent almost exclusively around a campfire (my hair still smells like smoke which i’ve learned to accept). i can’t wait until the next round!

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currently obsessed no.5

currently obsessed no.5


1. i don’t care if round sunglasses aren’t “my thing” // karen walker

2. aptly named easy short // steven alan

3. brass pendant // another feather

4. forever wanting a gold cuff // jules smith

5. the fact that it is possible for a person to smell like a diptyque candle is why i love america

6. a tote bag has never represented my personal mantra more // catalina blu

7. this dress looks like it would feel great to wear // madewell

8. yes, i fully support the resurgence of birkenstocks!

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